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We charge fees as low as $300.00 for a timeshare resale closing in many states, plus the cost of recording the deed, and any resort transfer fees that may apply. Transfers in the States of North and South Carolina require an attorney to prepare all the closing documents and oversee all parts of the closing process and our fees for those states start at $375.00 (our in-house attorney is admitted to the bar in each of those states, so your closing stays in house). In the state of Hawaii, we use an attorney on the main island to prepare your legally correct deed. Additionally, your closing funds must be held by a Hawaii Licensed Escrow Company. has established an escrow relationship with Hawaii Resort Escrow, a fully licensed and trusted escrow company bases n Honolulu. . Once the deed is signed and returned to us, our attorney hand records the deed and returns a conformed copy the same day so we can finish notifying the resort. If you have ever transferred a timeshare in Hawaii, the return of the deed can take many months. We have found a way to streamline the process and make the transfer go much quicker. Our fee for handling a transfer in Hawaii is $500.00.

As part of the closing process, we get a written confirmation from the resort called an Estoppel Letter confirming any fees that may be due including transfer fees.

Further we prepare all the documents necessary to facilitate the closing, trusted escrow service which is insured and our accounts reconciled on a monthly basis. The last setup of the process is when the deed comes back from recording, we notify the resort of the change in ownership.

What sets us apart from the rest of the closing companies out there is the fact that we have licensed attorney’s in the state of the timeshare prepare your legally correct deeds. That is a much better promise to you than the typical attorney reviewed documents.

The recording fees are based upon the County and State in which the property is located, and based on the sales price. Fees for Hawaii timeshare closings and certain other states are slightly higher. Please contact our office for details. Where available, we electronically record our deeds to speed up the transfer process.

freecalcbanner_2Unlike many other closing companies, we can ISSUE an owners title policy in the states that we conduct business in, see the map to the right. The fact that we issue the policy unlike the others who only coordinate an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy is important for you in the fact that we are capable of handling your closing from start to finish without having to engage a separate title insurer for part of the closing process which keeps your closing on speed.

If you are selling a deeded timeshare, we must be provided with a copy of your prior recorded deed. If you do not have your recorded deed, we can secure the copy for you for an additional $25.00 fee.

We also offer “escrow only” service for $100.00. The seller and buyer would coordinate any required transfer documents, and our office would hold the funds in our escrow account, until the buyer notifies our office that the timeshare has been transferred into their name. At that time, we would release the sales proceeds to the seller.

Once the order form has been received, the closing process take between 14 to 30 days. If title insurance has been requested, allow an extra 72 hours for the title search. The original recorded deed will be sent back to the Buyer within 30 days after the closing documents has been received.

Buying a timeshare can be very exciting. Whether purchased by an individual or a family, those involved typically become very excited once a decision is made and the perfect property has been found. At Closemytimeshare, we know that anything that slows the buying process down can quickly take some of the excitement and anticipation out of the equation and it’s not unusual for those feelings to be replaced with feelings of stress and anxiety. Fortunately, these negative feelings are not typically found by those who contact us to handle the paperwork to “close the deal” on the perfect property.

When selecting a timeshare closing company it is extremely important to find a company with the necessary experience to handle all of your timeshare escrow services with ease. Timeshare escrow as well as other escrow services can be difficult for buyers to fully understand. Our experts are so comfortable with these seemingly complex concepts that they can walk purchasers through the process so that the consumers feel that they are playing an active role in the process and that they have all of the pertinent information. Escrow agreements, timeshare closings as well as timeshare escrow services are abstract concepts that become concrete when our staff explains them to consumers.

When consumers feel like they are not “in the loop” or if they feel that there are things they are asked to sign that they do not understand, it adds stress to the situation. At Closemytimeshare, we strive to make sure that the excitement felt by purchasers when they found a property is maintained throughout the entire process. Our highly competent staff is eager to walk you through the process. Contact us and see why we truly stand apart from the competition.

To be succinct, not all timeshare closing companies are equal. Timeshare escrow, escrow agreements and other escrow services are best left to the professionals. At Closemytimeshare, our experienced of staff will explain every aspect of timeshare closings as well as provide comprehensive timeshare escrow services to our customers. Those who have used our services have reported, with much frequency, that when compared to other timeshare closing companies, there truly is no comparison.

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